Scar / Hole removal surgery

There are many types of scars, many locations for scars and many causes for scars. Each scar has to be individually evaluated when treatment is being planned. The length of time scar has been present, the location of the scar, the appearance and whether it is causing irritation determine the treatment plan for individual scars.

Acne scarring is the result of abnormal healing of the skin as a result of Acne. This is the most common scar problem that presents to our practice in young population. The scars often cause the patient to be self-conscious and may impact on their self-esteem. The scars may be of different types from very deep to shallow. They may involve small or large areas of the face. The treatment depends on many factors and is highly individualized. Treatment of Acne scars by Dermabrasion or Microdermabrasion will result in reduction in the number of visible scars, a reduction in the depth of the scars and a greater uniformity of colour of the affected area. A 50% improvement in appearance of the scars is considered to be a good result.

Surgical scar revision can improve the appearance of scars to a great extent, however, no scar can ever be completely removed. Surgical scar revision results in a less obvious mark or hidden increase. Each scar is different and each will require a different approach.