Treatment of Hair disorder

Hair Loss has become a serious issue in this urban world. It is not only middle aged men who suffer from patterned baldness, but women and youngsters too experience severe hair loss. Receding hairline and thinning of hair on scalp can tremendously affect confidence level. If hair loss is treated at an early stage, it can be arrested, and patterned / complete baldness can be avoided.

Hair loss can be due to various reasons like nutritional deficiency, hormonal imbalance, illness, stress, dandruff, genetics etc. The environment and unhealthy lifestyle can also lead to hair loss.

At Shreeji Skin Care, your hair loss is first assessed clinically. Some investigations may be performed to look for any underlying cause of hair loss. Based on the assessment, a treatment plan is made to arrest hair fall and stimulate the hair regrowth.

Treatments for Hair Fall provided Shreeji Skin Care:

 Medical Treatment – Appropriate topical solutions, serums, oral supplements and medications if required are prescribed after proper assessment.

PRP - PRP is a non-surgical, natural medical procedure that is used for the treatment of hair loss and for hair thinning at the same time. In this treatment, the platelets in the blood of the patient are used to stimulate the growth of the hair. It is best for people who have thinning hair or patterned baldness.

Mesotherapy – It stimulates hair regrowth by introduction of vitamins, peptides and growth factors into the scalp by means of tiny injections, dermarollers or electroporation.  It requires multiple sessions at regular intervals to boost the hair growth. There is just a minimal discomfort with the needles whereas electroporation being a needleless method is totally painless.